How To Remove Skin Tags

I've had a couple of skin tags throughout my life, but nothing like this one! It started off small and just kept growing and growing. The thing looks like a new appendage growing off of my body. I kept thinking, "What is this skin tag going to grow into? A new arm?"

My Skin Tag

Skin Tag Causes

I've always attributed my skin tags to being hereditary; my dad had them and his dad had them and his dad had them all the way back to the old days in Ireland. Recently though I learned that it could also be caused by weight gain. I haven't gained much weight recently though, so I'm going to stick with the hereditary causes.

Skin Tag Photo

Removing My Skin Tag

In the past I've gone to my dermatologist to have my skin tags removed, but with the increase of medical costs and the amount of time it takes to get into so my primary care physician, I thought I'd give one of the over the counter medications a try.

After reading lots of reviews online, I went with Dermatend Skin Tag Remover. I bought the the one with the healing balm, but only ended up using half of it to get the skin tag to fall off on its own. I'll use the remaining half on the next skin tags that pop up. They seem to come at least once a year after all.

Skin Tags